Applied research

Applied research

Research plays a major role in all the activities of our test lab and represents also a concrete answer to the needs of client companies.
Our research interests primarily concern national and European research projects or projects of individual companies for which we are technical suppliers.

National and European research projects: CATAS as partner and technical supplier 

In close collaboration with national and European partners and laboratories, CATAS is involved in several research programs, about experimental development and technology transfer with the objective of disseminating the results and consequently increasing the level of knowledge of all companies operating in the wood-furniture sector.

Among the most recent projects in which we gave input of our expertise and test facilities:

Subcontracted research for individual companies: CATAS as a technical supplier 

Supporting individual companies interested in developing a product or an innovative process, we propose as a qualified supplier siding them throughout the entire process:

  • In the exploratory phase of new technical solutions : through chemical, physical and mechanical characterization of new or innovative materials, new treatments or surface finishes;
  • During the design and prototyping : through the simulation of static tests and / or prototyping (3D Printing);
  • In phase of experimentation and testing : for the verification of product performance (user safety, strength, durability), through mechanical tests on prototypes or pre-series in accordance with technical standards (European, international and national, where present) or according to protocols defined ad hoc;
  • During the exploitation of results and produced innovations : for qualifying products for export, through technical and regulatory consulting services along with verification of product compliance with technical standards (foreign markets and non-EU), directives or regulations (EU markets).