CATAS Engineering department provides test equipment for components, chairs, tables, beds and cabinets, as well as the entire turn-key lab project.
The following are some examples of the equipment available in our portfolio:
  • Static load and seat-back fatigue
  • Fatigue of the front edge of the seat
  • Static load and fatigue of the armrests
  • Fatigue of the wheels
  • Impact on seat / back / armrest.

The equipment, also available with multiple testing stations, are equipped with electrical control panels and a device for the programming of test cycles.
The equipment trial is carried out in advance at our laboratories or directly at the purchasing company.
The equipment are the same of those regularly used in CATAS testing laboratory, and are also the same of those available for the training of company  technicians on the proper use in accordance with the applicable standards.

In addition to the test equipment, Catas Engineering can also provide the special equipment for the measurement of dimensions of office chairs and school chairs:

CATAS CMD Engineering
(Chair Measurement Device), realized in compliance with the requirements of ISO 24496: 2017 and the specifications included in the document ISO/TC 136/WG 1 N 248, also including the placement fixture for lifting and correct positioning on the tested sample.

(School Chair Measurement Device) in compliance with the requirements of EN 1729-1:2015 (Annex F.1), for the measurement of school chairs.