Catas Point Pesaro

Catas Point Pesaro

Being even closer to all the Italian furniture companies.

This is the goal of the new CATAS Point Pesaro, based in the heart of the Marche region furniture district.

A first contact and first information reference dedicated to the companies interested in studying their technical or testing needs for raw materials, components or furniture products and interested in evaluating the opportunities for the access to all the services that CATAS makes available for the wood-furniture sector.

The CATAS Point will help you to know and deepen the opportunities for Your Company:

  • Laboratory tests: identification of the applicable technical standards, support for the identification of product families and sampling, definition of ad hoc test programs;
  • CQA - Catas Quality Award product certifications: furniture Made in Italy by CATAS, low formaldehyde emission wood based panels, coating systems (for indoor, outdoor, surfaces for medical furniture), glulam beams for windows, surfaces for playgrounds, ...
  • CATAS Academt technical training: development of customized training and updating programs for company personnel;
  • CAM – Furniture services: requirements verification and declaration of conformity;
  • Defects analysis: definition of ad hoc test programs and activation of CATAS competences and experts for the study and investigation of problems or defects found out in use;
  • Risk assessment: both for traditional products and for functional/ equipped products (i.e.: motorized/electrified furniture);
  • Applied research: definition of test programs for the validation and verification in the lab of performances and conformity of new products or new materials (prototypes, pre-series, ...). Support for participation in regional, national and European funding calls.

For info and contacts:


c/o Manifaktura srl
Strada della Campanara 3/1 – 61122 Pesaro

Francesco Balducci | +39 331 6393284  |
Alessandra Cecchini | +39 345 4750081 |