At the side of consumers

At the side of consumers

Our daily work is with companies, with manufacturers of goods and products of all kinds. But what we do has a fundamental purpose: to give our contribution so that the final consumer can use a table, a chair, a cot in complete safety!

Every day we check furniture, floorings, paints and a thousand other products that companies entrust to the expertise of our technicians. And we respond with certificates that are a precise guarantee of the quality and safety of what will afterwards enter the homes, work environments, spaces where we all live every day ...

Guarantee of quality
We guarantee quality through certification marks, certificates of conformity or test reports, certifying that the manufacturer has fulfilled all the required obligations and can place on the market a product that is reliable and high quality, according to internationally recognized standards.

Guarantee of impartiality
We are part of a value chain that strives for the certainty of quality and safety for the final consumer: we have the task of testing what is delivered in our laboratories in San Giovanni al Natisone and Lissone; to Accredia - the Italian accreditation body, which is part of an international network of mutual recognition - the duty to check that our work is always done impeccably!

More trust, less risk
That's why consumers can trust the products certified and tested by Catas, because verifying that they meet stringent quality and safety requirements, minimizing any possible risk related to their use, is the daily commitment of over 60 highly skilled engineers and highly qualified technicians who are part of our family.

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