in: Technical news

25. 06. 2020

Surface resistance to sanitizing products

CATAS test protocols for surfaces, updated in the time of COVID-19.

in: Technical news

19. 05. 2020

Electrically adjustable desks: new test equipment

CATAS test equipment always keep up with the product evolution.

in: Seminars

16. 06. 2020

Webinar "Hospital furniture: the new UNI 11780 standard"

Thursday, 25 June at 14.00 PM, Italian language.

in: Standard updating

21. 04. 2020

The tendency of surfaces to retain dirt

The revision of the UNI 9300 standard: the main changes adopted.

in: Technical news

20. 04. 2020

Volatile organic substances? CATAS answers

The most frequent questions we recevie about VOC.

in: Technical news

19. 05. 2020

CATAS’s material testing department: new ideas in progress!

The activities and projects for the technical development of the furniture sector.

in: Standard updating

18. 05. 2020

Resistance to abrasion of furniture surfaces

The EN 15185 is going to become an ISO standard.