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22. 03. 2019

Seminario "Arrediamo in sicurezza la camera dei bambini"

Giovedì 04 Aprile ore 14.00 presso la sede di Catas BRIANZA (Lissone - MB)

in: Technical news

01. 04. 2019

The mechanical characterization of coatings films

More reliable results thanks to new technologies.

in: Technical news

25. 02. 2019

Measurements at Catas

The traceability of the measurements carried out in our laboratories.

in: Standard updating

25. 02. 2019

Formaldehyde in Germany: new methods and new limits.

The reference method for the German market for the determination of formaldehyde emission has been announced.

in: Technical news

24. 11. 2017

Formaldehyde: Comparisons among E1, Carb and F **** limits

Formaldehyde emissions from wooden panels: which are the differences among various international requirements?

in: Technical news

26. 02. 2019

New instrument for the elemental analysis

CATAS has recently equipped itself with a new device, an X-ray fluorescence spectrophotometer.

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11. 01. 2019

Parchi gioco: la sicurezza di attrezzature e superfici

Corso intensivo di approfondimento tecnico: dal 12 al 14 Marzo presso CATAS Brianza (Lissone MB)

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27. 02. 2019

Seminario "Arredo e componenti di illuminazione e connettività integrate"

Giovedì 14 marzo dalle ore 15.00 presso la sede CATAS di San Giovanni al Natisone (UD).

in: Technical news

25. 02. 2019

Playground equipment and surfaces: CATAS is present!

The related tests and the CQA - Catas Quality Award product certification scheme.