27. 07. 2018


A new book: "Gli adesivi nell’industria del mobile" (The adhesives in the furniture industry)

The book was born from the idea that a contribution on the knowledge of adhesives is useful if not essential in the current phase of strong evolution of the wood and furniture sector. This thought was shared by the author, Franco Bulian deputy director of Catas, with the members of the Italian association of adhesive manufacturers (Avisa-Federchimica).
The book describes the various types of adhesives available in the furniture industry, analyzing them in terms of composition and properties, but also considering their strengths and limitations. The nine chapters offer a complete overview with an appropriate balance between theoretical and practical aspects, intending to represent a reference point both for the study of adhesives and application processes involved, and for considerations more related to the daily practice.

The book is presently available only in Italian language but a translation into English is already planned.

For info:
Franco Bulian
+39 0432 747231