27. 05. 2019


A new information has been introduced in Catas test reports: the revision index.

From May 2019 the test reports issued by CATAS contain new information in their header: the revision number. This index, located below the identification number of the test report (protocol number), is incremented with each new document issue.
Why is a test report reviewed?
There are many possible reasons (typing errors, changes/additional information, etc.), but the first cause of revision in CATAS (65% of total cases, data of 2018) is undoubtedly the change of the name of the sample: this situation occurs in 75% of the cases because of a request of the customer and in the remaining 25% due to a laboratory error.
Until April 2019 a revised test report was simply identified with an "S". Now the "S" will no longer be present, but the revision index will be increased making the reconstruction of the history of the document more rigorous and transparent.
In addition, to comply with the requirements of the new standard on laboratory accreditation (UNI EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2018), in case of reissue of the test report, the modifications made, compared to the previous version, will be indicated at the bottom of the document.
An example of a revised test report highlighting the innovations introduced is available  here

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