30. 05. 2018


An Italian standard for parquet adhesives?

Tags: Floorings, Gluing

Two meetings of the Working Group 4 of the Unichim Adesivi Commission have recently been held to evaluate the possible definition of a special test method for parquet adhesives.

The reasons that led to the convocation of this commission arise from the observation of several cases of spontaneous detachment of laid parquet occurred in recent years and related to the gradual degradation of some silanic type adhesives.

From the discussion held at Unichim, it emerged that the UNI EN 14293 "Adhesives - Adhesives for bonding parquet to subfloor - Test methods and minimum requirements" did not prove to be suitable to highlight this degradation phenomenon. For this reason, the need arose for producers and applicators to have a new method for assessing the stability of parquet adhesives in order to detect possible bond failures in advance over time, thus allowing the market to formulate and select more reliable adhesives.
Preliminary research carried out by some adhesive manufacturers and CATAS seems to show that aging resistance tests at high temperatures (70-90)°C can allow a proper selection of silane adhesives.

CATAS has therefore been charged with preparing a first draft of the test procedure which, subsequently, will be evaluated through the organization of a specific interlaboratory circuit.

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