28. 04. 2021


And edges keep coming unglued….

The edging, i.e. the covering process of the side surfaces of panels, is a well-known process in the furniture industry.
In many cases it can be considered the most complex processing within a furniture factory, especially when using melamine panels which, being already "finished", only need to be cut and drilled as well as necessarily having to be edged, obviously.
This operation is almost always carried out with the use of automatic machines called edge banders that guarantee remarkable results in terms of productivity, being also able to provide a very high aesthetic quality of the finished product depending on the materials and system adopted.

But what can we say about performance? Is the gluing of the edge to the panel always “good”?
The tests carried out by Catas and in particular the investigations on defects that the institute has always faced in its daily activity, can be an interesting starting point for trying to answer this question (read more).

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