31. 05. 2024


Certifications vs test reports

More and more often we receive requests of information on "certifications" and we realize that, in reality, in most cases those requests are referring to "test reports". With these few lines we want to clarify the substantial differences between a certification and a test report.

The test report is a document that exclusively contains the data and results of the tests carried out on the sample sent to the laboratory by the customer and therefore refers only to it. If the tests were successful, you can obtain the CATAS_Report Test Logo to be used exclusively in association with the tested product. The logo will include reference to the protocol number of our test report containing the results of the tests performed on the delivered sample.

Certification is a set of activities (e.g. sampling, laboratory tests, audits, monitoring and maintenance) with the purpose of verifying the conformity of a product to specific requirements. At the end of the tests, with positive conclusion of all these processes, a Certificate is issued. This document concerns all the mass production of a Company; the samples subjected to verification are representative samples. In addition, the Catas Quality Award certification mark will be granted. Therefore, the issuing of the certification presupposes a series of annual checks / audits and tests that monitor the performance of the product over time. Obviously, the certification process provides for a greater and constant relationship between the Company and the certification body, aimed at continuous growth and improvement.
A certified product stands out from other productions as it complies with the requirements of a certification rule which is updated by the Certification Body which guarantees, as a third-party, that it is aware of the evolution of standards, laws and market requests.
The product for which the laboratory issues a test report, however, is evaluated in accordance with the current technical standards: the test report, referring only to the sample, reports the summary of the test activities.
Here you have certification schemes that CQA - Catas Quality Award offers to our customers.
Our certifications are dedicated to the furniture supply chain. Specifically:
  • raw materials for furniture: wood-based panels and coatings;
  • semi-finished products: gluelam beams for windows and coated panels;
  • finished products: furniture of Italian origin.

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For Low-formaldehyde emission boards:

  •      CQA Formaldehyde 4 STARS
  •      CQA Formaldehyde CARB
  •      CQA Formaldehyde
  •      CQA Formaldehyde LAM
  •      CQA Formaldehyde TSCA TITLE VI (EPA)

For Coating system for Indoor, Outdoor, Antibacterial and Sustainable

  •      CQA Coating Systems for Exterior Wood
  •      CQA Coating Systems for Exterior Wood PLUS
  •      CQA Coating Systems for Interior
  •      CQA Antibacterial
  •      CQA Safe Durable Sustainable

For Italian Furniture origin

  •      Italian origin of furniture

For Wood flooring and Parquet

  •      CQA Wood Flooring and Parquet
  •      CQA Wood Flooring and Parquet surfaces

For Gluelam beams for window frames

  •      CQA Lamellar Profiles

For VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) low emission furniture

  •      CQA VOC Low Emission
  •      CQA VOC Low Emission PLUS

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