30. 07. 2021


Children’s mattresses

The EN 16890 standard: an updated version is ready.

On June 30th, the new version of the standard concerning safety requirements and test methods for mattresses for cots and cribs was published by CEN.
Its transposition by the various European countries may vary and from that moment on, it is for all intents and purposes a technical standard and replaces the previous version.

Four years after its first edition, there was a need to clarify some points and to modify others.
Here are some changes introduced:

- New terms regarding fabrics were necessary and now have been added.
- The modification of the entrapment requirement between mattress and sides: in the previous version it was ± 10 mm in relation to the nominal length and width. In this last version the requirement has been changed to (+ 25 mm / - 0) mm. This limit applies twice, before and after the shrinkage test (washing / drying the outer cover of the mattress).
- Exclusion of decorative/quilted stitches from the seam tightness test.
- Addition of the mattress thickness test: the measured thickness shall not be greater than the nominal one.

It’s useful to remind that this is a harmonized standard and the 2017 version was published by the European Official Journal on 30 November 2020: product conformity with this standard gives presumption of conformity with the Directive 2001/95/EC on general product safety.
It will be later updated to the current version of the standard.

CATAS participated in its drafting and is accredited to carry out all the related tests.

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