25. 09. 2017


Fire prevention: new regulation for the city of San Francisco

Tags: Upholstered furniture

With a decree dated 25-07-2017, the city of San Francisco has decided to ban the sale of upholstered furniture and similar childcare products containing flame-retardant chemicals.

Contrary to the provisions valid in the rest of California, ie the obligation for manufacturers to declare whether or not the household cushions contain such substances (for more information click here), San Francisco measures become more restrictive and thus the label, which has to be applied to the upholstered furniture, shall contain the statement "Contain NO added flame retardant chemicals".

The ordinance is still in the process of being approved and must be voted by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in order to become law. The latest revision of 3/10/2017 sets January, 1st 2019 as date of entry into force of the decree. It is further specified that all products with a maximum concentration of 1000 ppm of such substances have to be considered as products that do not contain flame retardant chemicals. We are waiting for evolutions.

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