24. 02. 2020


Formaldehyde and compliance with the UBA German law

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From 1 January 2020 in Germany is in force the new legislation which makes new limits regarding the emission of formaldehyde from the wood-based panels, both raw and coated, placed on the German market.
For the evaluation of formaldehyde emissions, the law, published in the German Official Journal (BAnz AT 26/11/2018 B2), maintains the historical EN 717-1 (1 mc chamber method) by requiring that the result be multiplied by a factor 2 and introduces a new method of analysis, the EN ISO 16516 standard "Assessment of the release of dangerous substances - Determination of indoor emissions".

CATAS has already activated a new "CQA Formaldehyde" certification scheme aimed at companies interested in adapting their products to the requirements of the recent German regulation.
To guarantee an effective service, the new certification scheme covers both the requirements required by Italian legislation (Ministerial Decree 10.10.08 - E1) and those required by German legislation (BAnz AT26.11.2018 B2 - E05) in order to optimize some phases of the process verification and monitoring.
CATAS, thanks to the new 30 test chambers of various sizes, dedicated to this analytical activity, is able to test and certify raw panels, coated panels and pieces of furniture of sizes up to 1mc using the methods UNI EN ISO 16516 and EN 717-1 both accredited by Accredia.

At the end of the certification process, the CQA - CATAS QUALITY AWARD mark is issued, which certifies the compliance of the products with the formaldehyde emission requirements required by the market.

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