27. 01. 2020


Formaldehyde in Germany: the start of the application of new methods and limits

Starting from the new year, the rules already published in 2018 on the German Federal Gazette (BAnz AT 26.11.2018 B2) have become a practical reality with which the market must necessarily deal.

As already reported several times, for the control of formaldehyde emissions from wood based panels and finished products for the German market, the new EN 16516 standard must be used.
The limit actually remains the one we have known for years for the E1 emission class (i.e. 0.1 ppm) but the analytical procedure makes the test much more severe than in the past.

In few words, wood based panels intended for the German market must demonstrate a formaldehyde emission which corresponds to the half of those classified E1.
CATAS has already considered to meet the new needs of the companies with which it works, significantly increasing the number of equipment intended for the analysis of formaldehyde emissions (the chambers) and proposing a specific certification for this new type of panel.

All these information were disseminated and shared during 2019 with various articles and seminars specifically organized by CATAS. 
For a sinthesis of the most important legislative changes that recently occured in Europe (and USA) you can visit the following link: 
"Formaldehyde: legislative changes in Europe and the USA".

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