19. 05. 2020


Hospital and medical furniture: the UNI standard is ready

The healthcare sector, as regards the non-specific equipment that we can see every day, has always been characterized by a diversified situation in which some products are heavily regulated by laws and consequent harmonized standards (for example medical devices) while for others it does not exist any specific regulatory reference.

Among the latter, furniture is certainly involved, as an essential element for the functionality and receptivity of the health structures (in all their variants) so as to become, very often, a dedicated product line by the furniture industry if not even characterized by dedicated companies.

It is easy to understand how this type of furniture must have specific characteristics oriented to the particular intended use and the particular user involved (patient, healthcare staff, visitors).
This was the starting point of the Italian Furniture Commission when we started the standardization work. This approach has also been shared with other industrial sectors involved who have found it interesting and indispensable to produce a voluntary technical standard that gives clear references in the market by regulating and enhancing the products for the market (read more). 

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