20. 07. 2017


Yellowing of knots – a new specification for furniture surfaces

A new test is available in order to assess the behaviour of stained and painted softwood with knots. This is because knots might give rise to a natural yellowing due to exposure to light, appearing as an indelible “stain” on furniture surfaces.

The procedure is based on an artificial weathering test which simulates the natural weathering of wood in an indoor environment and allows to evaluate the degree of colour change specific of the knots. The test can also be useful to asses the characteristics of the specific timber used and the ability of the coating to reduce this phenomenon.

CATAS, initially asked by an important international client, has immediately set up this kind of test to provide it to its customers. After two months from the beginning of the tests about fifty samples had already been tested, underlining the importance of this method not only for the producers of furniture and other  wood-based products, but also for the coating manufacturers.

Sara Moruzzi
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