30. 04. 2024


Is it possible to verify Catas test reports authenticity?

We are excited to announce our new online service dedicated to verifying the authenticity of CATAS test reports.

The service can be accessed at the following link:

In response to numerous requests for document verification, we have created a system that provides immediate feedback to anyone in possession of one of our test reports. For almost two decades, we have ensured the integrity and authenticity of our test reports through the use of digital signatures, a proven mechanism recognized internationally. However, we understand that verifying digital signatures is not always immediate. One needs to understand how verification software works, ensure it is up to date and correctly configured. Furthermore, many of these software tools do not flag the absence of a digital signature in a document.

Our service simplifies this process for users of our test reports by providing immediate judgment on each uploaded file: "authentic" or "not compliant". If a document is judged non-compliant, there can be various reasons.
Manipulations can be unintentional, such as "Save As" or printing followed by scanning, or intentional, such as altering the header or results of a test report. In both cases, the digital signature is compromised.
For this reason, once non-compliance of the analyzed file is established, the service proposes a thorough verification by CATAS staff who will compare the received file with the one in our archives and may confirm or deny the integrity of the contents. It is important to emphasize that, for reasons of contractual confidentiality, CATAS staff cannot send the original test report except to the rightful owner.
We respect confidentiality as one of the core values of an ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory, so the only recipients of the test report are those contractually defined.

With the launch of this service, we once again underscore our commitment to maintaining trust in our products. Additionally, we believe it is crucial to promote the value and importance of digital signatures, a well-established and widely accepted technology to ensure the authenticity, integrity, and non-repudiation of digital documents.

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