20. 12. 2022


Certification for safe, durable and sustainable products

The CATAS QUALITY AWARD is responding to the increasing demand of users of safe but also sustainable and environmentally friendly products with a certification scheme that combines the concept of safety and performance quality, the CQA's long-standing strong points, with sustainability.
Thus was born the CATAS Quality Award Safe Durable Sustainable. Pioneering the paint industry! In fact, the first product to be awarded the new label is an interior coating cycle, which, when subjected to surface tests, was found to comply with the performance requirements defined by the CQA Coating System for Interior Wood regulation.    
The health and chemical safety aspect was first of all assessed with the chamber test according to UNI EN ISO 16000-9 to measure the emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Further chemical safety requirements were verified with both an analytical and documentary approach, referring to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 (CLP) as the basis for measuring the product's harmlessness to the health and safety of users.

The sustainability aspect was assessed using the standardised and globally recognised approach of Life Cycle Assessment - LCA. LCA considers the complete life cycle of the product, from the consumption of resources and materials to its production, use and end of life. The sustainability of the paint cycle was assessed by comparing the results of the LCA study carried out with benchmarks for interior wood paints from the European Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules (PEFCR) 'Decorative Paints'. The LCA study was carried out following the PEFCR guidelines and considering impact categories such as 'Climate change', 'Resource use fossil' and 'Eutrophication freshwater' to take into account the environmental impacts generated by the product and to verify their minor extent.

Three CATAS teams involved but only one rigorous approach to be able to say that the CQA-certified safe durable and sustainable product is much more because it is verified in all aspects: it performs well, it is safe, it is durable and it has a reduced impact. And it is the combination of all this that makes it respectful for people and the environment!

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