24. 04. 2018


Which requirements for wood flooring surfaces?

Tags: Floorings

With these brief notes we would like to consider again the subject of the performance of wood-based flooring surfaces given the existence of a very different situation in this sector which, unfortunately, often brings also to a certain confusion to the operators.
To try to better understand the present situation we will examine two types of products: the floors made of veneered panels (with maximum thickness of the veneer layer of 2.5 mm) and parquet floors.
In order to complete the scenario, we will also mention the standard for wood floor coatings published in Italy as UNI 11622 in 2016.

The wood veneered floor covering
We begin by taking into consideration the European standard EN 14354, which specifies the test methods and the minimum requirements for this type of product. This standard was revised in 2017, maintaining in any case the classification in two categories (Domestic and Commercial), each of which is divided into three levels of final use (Moderate, General and Hard). So, the standard classifies six different levels of performance.

Let's take an example: the standard specifies that wear resistance....(continues)