10. 12. 2018


Adhesives for laying parquet: density.

Tags: Floorings

The adhesives for laying parquet are chemical products that are formulated by mixing together various substances which, all together, serve to confer the necessary properties to the adhesive itself whose function, let's remind it, is to join the parquet to the substrate.

The information on the characteristics of the adhesive and the instructions for its correct use are described in the technical data sheet, a very important document that is always associated with the purchased adhesive. Unfortunately, as often happens in other areas of our daily life (see for example the instructions of the new smartphone just bought) we forget or neglect to read, for haste or simple laziness.

In these brief notes we would like to deal in particular with the "density" (or volumetric mass) a technical datum almost always present in the tables of the technical sheets where the characteristics of the various adhesives are described (read more).

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