27. 05. 2021


Light fastness testing of furniture surfaces

On the 20th of May a meeting of the CEN TC/207 WG 7 working group, dealing with test methods for furniture surfaces, took place.

The main topic was the revision of EN 15187 surface light fastness for which Catas was appointed project leader, coordinating a large preparatory work of intercalibration between 14 European laboratories.

The aim is to collect data from the use of various types of equipment (rotating rack, flat plate water-cooled or air-cooled). Standard blue wools were exposed to light, which will allow the conversion of the duration presently expressed in “exposure time (hours)” into light energy expressed in MJ/m2.

Up to now, the exposure time has been expressed in test reports, but we have found that this data is not the same for all laboratories, which has led to obvious differences within Europe. With the introduction of the energy exposure value, it will finally be possible to overcome the variables deriving from everything that is linked to the type of equipment used and its configuration, achieving better repeatability and reproducibility of the test.

The work will be completed in September with the addition of more data also from Chinese laboratories.

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Claudio Caon
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