10. 03. 2021


Made in Italy is by CATAS

CATAS “Italian Origin Furniture” certification.
It is among the most recent Catas product certification schemes and it is the one that has seen the greatest development and growth in just 2 years. Office furniture, kitchen furniture and upholstered furniture are the different industrial sectors in which the first group of certified companies operate. The certification allows them to declare not only the Italian origin of their products, but also their quality and technical performances, tested in the lab.

The certification is based on some fun-damental pillars:
A national standard, UNI 11674, which defines both process and product require-ments, making the “Italian” origin and quality of furniture products objective and verifiable.
A rigorous and complete set of procedures and requirements, which includes at the same time, at the plant, the check of the location of the core production pro-cesses and, in the lab, the testing of the technical performance of the finished product.
A “made in Italy” mark that is now enriched with the image and values of compe-tence and experience, history and specialization that are its own and distinctive of CATAS, recognized internationally. For companies that rely on our Institute to certify the Italian origin of their products, the “made in Italy” mark will be by Catas.

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