25. 02. 2019


Measurements at Catas

A recent scientific news is our starting point to talk about an aspect of the laboratory activity that usually remains embedded for our customers but is fundamental for the quality of the results of the tests we do: the traceability of the laboratory measurements. A measure is “traceable” when it can be related to a reference  through  a documented  unbroken  chain of  calibrations as indicated by the International Metrology Vocabulary or VIM. In a few months, the current standard used as the primary reference of the kilogram will be retired and a new definition will be used.

Speaking of measurements and measurement systems, a first reflection should be dedicated to the effect of the approximations deriving from the unit of measurement adopted. We know that the main activity of Catas are the tests on products and materials that are sent to us every day: these tests are carried out according to what is indicated by the reference standards, which specify the quantities to be considered, the measurement methods/instruments and the "tolerances" admitted (read more).

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