30. 09. 2021


Melamine faced boards for interior uses

The EN 14323 standard "Wood-based panels - Melamine faced boards for interior uses - Test methods" revision and the new measurement technology.

The most innovative part of the new revision of the EN 14323 standard concerns the control of the design of the decorative print.
Until now, the color verification was limited to measuring solid colors only, during the quality control process.

With the spatial resolved spectral measurement technology described in this standard, it is now also possible to measure the graphic design of the decor.
For this analysis, the use of a digital scanner with a resolution of 90 dpi and spectral acquisition every 10 nm, in the range between 400 nm and 730 nm, is prescribed. The overall image is divided into smaller sub-images (8x8 pixels) acquiring line by line and pixel by pixel, and recording their location with the related colorimetric attributes.
The processing of the spectral images thus obtained makes it possible to reproduce the optical impression of the color perceived by a human eye, and then subject it to a complete objective evaluation.

The data of the spectral images of the reference sample (master) and of the batch (production) are then transformed into color images processed using colorimetric parameters for graphic arts images, thus allowing conformity to be expressed by means of rates of similarity.

The surface structure (roughness for example) is not expected to be measured. However, since it has an influence due to the light refraction during color measurement, the specimens with the same structure should always be compared.

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