28. 04. 2021


New standard projects blooming in spring

The beginning of April saw the birth of an important European standard project. Working group 9 of the CEN 207 technical committee has in fact initiated prEN 17684, entitled Furniture - Electrically operated - Mechanical safety requirements.
Let's see why this news is so important.

Electrically operated furniture falls within the definition of machine and therefore in the European market is subject to the CE marking in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.
The directive establishes a number of essential health and safety requirements and it is the manufacturer's obligation to verify and demonstrate that its product meets them. These essential requirements refer to all types of machines (from a reclining chair to a circular saw…) and therefore are expressed in rather general terms.
The possible existence of a product technical standard "harmonized" to the directive provides an important tool to the manufacturer, who by satisfying it also obtains the "presumption of conformity" to the directive (read more).

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