01. 09. 2023


USA: the ASTM F2057-23 is mandatory standard

The effective date for final rule is September 1, 2023.
More info are available at: Federal Register Notice 88 FR 28403.

CATAS is CPSC-approved testing lab for "Safety Standard for Clothing Storage Units" scope, 16 CFR Part 1261 regulatory reference.

WASHINGTON, D.C. April 19, 2023.  The US Consumer Product Safety Commission - CPSC - has reached the final vote: the voluntary standard ASTM F2057-23 will be adopted as the mandatory safety standard for storage units destined for the US market  (source: www.cpsc. gov).

The CPSC examined and assessed the ASTM F2057-23 voluntary standard’s effectiveness and determined that the standard meets STURDY’s (Stop Tip-Overs of Unstable, Risky Dressers on Youth) requirements. These are:
- tests for stability when the unit is placed on carpeting,
- tests for stability with loaded drawers and with multiple drawers open, and
- tests that simulate the weight of children up to 60 pounds interacting with the unit. 

CPSC had previously approved a mandatory safety standard to address the risk of clothing storage unit tip-overs, which was to take effect May 24, 2023, but will now be replaced by the new mandatory standard.   

The ASTM F2057-23 standard applies to freestanding storage units, including but not limited to chests, chests of drawers, drawer chests, armoires, chifferobes, bureaus, door chests, and dressers, with the following characteristics:
- Cabinet height ≥ 68.6 cm;
- Weight ≥ 13.6 kg;
- Loadable volume ≥ 90.6 dm3.
However, the following are not included: shelving units,such as bookcases or entertainment furniture, office furniture,dining room furniture, jewelry armoires, underbed drawer storage units, occasional/accent furniture not intended for bedroom use, laundry storage/sorting units, or built-in units intended to be permanently attached to the building.

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