30. 09. 2021


Polyurethane foams: the EN ISO 5999 standard

This article only wants to underline the existence of the standard:
“EN ISO 5999:2013 Flexible cellular polymeric materials - Polyurethane foam for load-bearing applications excluding carpet underlay – Specification”
This international standard specifies requirements for flexible load-bearing polyurethane foam of the polyether type.
The foam is classified according to:

  • the type (of foam);
  • the performance during a fatigue test;
  • the indentation hardness index used as a means of grading materials.
The list of recommended applications for the series of flexible polyurethane foams treated by the standard is available in appendix A (informative and non-normative), as the short abstract given below (Table A.1 - Recommended applications):

ClassRecommended application
XHeavy-duty seats in continuous use by the pubblic (contract furniture)
Heavy-duty public transport seats.
VPrivate and commercial vehicle drivers' seats
Public transport seats
Cinema and theatre seats
Office furniture seats or seats used by the pubic (contract furniture)
SPrivate and commercial vehicle passenger seats
Domestic furniture seats
Public transport seats backs and armrests
Contract (commercial) furniture backs and armrests
APrivate vehicle seat backs and armrests
Domestic furniture backs and armrests
Scatter cushions or throw pillows
Other pillows

For further information please refer to the full standard document available on the UNI web site.

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