01. 04. 2019


The mechanical characterization of coatings films

The subject to which the title of this article refers to the extensibility test (often called elasticity test) of free coating films. In the case of transparent products, the films under the test tend to become white once they are subjected to traction and this unfortunately determines some particular problems in the measurement.
The dynamometer used by Catas to carry out this test is in fact equipped with a video extensometer which offers several advantages compared to those of a mechanical type, among which, for example, the fact of not determining any contact with parts of the dynamometer and therefore having no influence on the specimens. This allows, in theory, to carry out very precise measurements of the extension of the films.
The need: in the case of transparent products, the use of a certain number of frames with very precise dimensions is requested. 
Thanks to an internship carried out with the Istituto Malignani of San Giovanni al Natisone (UD), a very effective solution was found for these laboratory needs (read more). 

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