26. 03. 2018


Tensile test of free coating films

The working group WG2 of the Technical Committee TC139 of CEN (European Committee for Standardization) is working on the final adjustments to a new standard that describes a test method for the determination of the tensile properties of free coating films.
From the films produced with the application of the coatings, specific specimens (with a “bone” shape) are obtained which are then tested to determine the mechanical properties of the film.
From the analysis of the results obtained with a series of tests carried out on different coating samples, a lack of univocity in the interpretation of the data seems to emerge. This article is intended to present some considerations derived from the experience carried out at our Institute.
For a long time, CATAS together with the German laboratory WKI of Braunschweig, has developed and applied a common product certification for the coating systems for wood elements for exterior use.
Such certification contains, rules, testing methods and requirements that are shared by the two institutes.
The two bodies have interestingly share their knowledge to organize and propose this certification to the market, and among the methods proposed by the WKI, there was also the evaluation of the coating film extensibility based on an internal procedure....(continues)

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