28. 06. 2024


Writing board for educational institutions: the EN 14434:2023

EN 14434:2023 replaced the previous 2010 version with the introduction of new types of writing boards and adding some tests to more completely evaluate any components present in the writing boards.
Before listing what is new in the 2023 version, let us start by saying that CATAS laboratory is accredited by ACCREDIA and is able to carry out the part of the standard referring to mechanical, safety and ergonomic tests, excluding the entire part referred to tests on writing surfaces.

Compared to the previous version, the main changes are that three new types of writing surfaces have been added:
  1. white projection board: a special board on which the image of a projector can be screened and which can be written on with a dry marker pen.
  2. Interactive system: writing board with a link to a computer or a beamer and which can be written on by a dry marker pen or a finger or a specialised pen, e.g. smart board.
  3. Interactive screen: type of display with an integrated computer or a link to a computer, on which it is possible to write with a finger or a specialised pen.
A dynamic stability test has been added for writing surfaces with wheels, recalling the method also used for EN 16122 storage furniture, which involves moving the blackboard up to a speed of 0.5 m/s (fig.1) making the wheels impact on an obstacle 12 mm high, checking that the blackboard does not tip over (fig. 2).

A test has been added to evaluate the resistance of writing surfaces with wheels, also in this case recalling the method used for EN 16122 storage furniture, which involves moving the blackboard for a distance of one meter, passing the wheels over two obstacles 2 mm high with an average speed of 0.2 m/s for 2,000 cycles (fig. 3): at the end of the test there must be no breakages or loss of functionality.

For interactive and projection whiteboards, two tests were added: one to evaluate the surface flatness and one to assess, even if only at an informative and therefore non-normative level, the behavior of the board when subjected to vibration.

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