18. 05. 2020


Resistance to abrasion of furniture surfaces

China has recently expressed the need to define an ISO method for measuring the resistance to abrasion of furniture surfaces. This in order to better interact with the markets in the western countries.

The response of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) has been immediate by proposing to directly extend the status of the current EN 15185 standard to an ISO standard.
The formal standardization process began with the first meeting (via Webex) of the ISO/TC 136/WG 8 Furniture surfaces - Test Methods committee, by the attendance of Catas, as Italian representative, together with delegates from the USA, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Spain and, of course, China.
During the meeting a dozen comments of the Chinese delegation on the European standard were discussed. Actually, the comments were of a mainly editorial nature, so the standard should remain basically unchanged from a technical point of view.

We will continue to take part in these standardization activities and we will keep you updated about news in the next CATAS newsletter issues
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