25. 03. 2021


Safety and conformity for motorized furniture

For 4 years now, a collaboration has been active that extends Catas' competences in an area that is becoming increasingly important also for the furniture sector: the conformity evaluation of motorized and / or electrified products.

Assessing the safety of furniture equipped with electrical or motorized components and assisting the manufacturers in drafting all the necessary technical documentation is not a job that can not be improvised.

To meet these needs, Catas relies on a technical laboratory specialized in the subject: Sicom Testing Srl, which for years has been dealing with the testing and certification of electrical, electronic and radio products, and its "neighbor" as it is based in Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.
Recently the agreement between the two laboratories was renewed with the signing by the new Catas director, dr Franco Bulian, which therefore gives continuity to this synergy.

On the subject of electrically operated furniture, Catas' commitment and active presence also continue in the field of the standardization, in the work undertaken by the Technical Committee CEN 207 "Furniture" to arrive at a harmonized standard with the Machinery Directive that covers natural risks mechanics deriving from this type of furniture.

Catas has always collaborated in the drafting of European reference standards for the sector and also in this field it has been able to make available the experience gained in recent years on the risk analysis of products such as relaxation armchairs, sit-stand desks, moving beds. electric.

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