26. 10. 2017


School buildings: The new Italian fire prevention decree

Tags: Upholstered furniture

With the D.M. 07-08-2017, published in the Italian Gazzetta Ufficiale no. 197 of 24-08-2017, the Italian Home office has issued new fire prevention rules for school activities that define the rules for the application of the New Prevention Code (MD 03-08-2015).

The latter measure, by introducing the so-called "performance approach", is different from the prescriptive model based on the ministerial decrees published in recent decades, such as the D.M. 26-08-1992 relating to school buildings.

The new Fire Prevention Rule (D.M. 07-08-2017) is an alternative to D.M. Fire Prevention Rules. 26-08-1992 and does not apply to kindergartens. However, the legislator will decide by 31 December 2013 whether to repeal the 1992 decree.

This article gives a full description of the legislative framework and the requirements of fire reaction required by the legislator.

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