05. 12. 2022


Sustainability, let’s measure it...

The big question “is it sustainable?” is nowadays gradually becoming “how much does it impact on the environment?”. This is also taking place in the furniture industry and along the whole supply chain.

Indeed, companies are today mainly interested in translating this “how much” into a number for their product (being it a wood-based panel, a varnish can, furniture fronts, a chair...).

LCA - Life Cycle Assessment is a standardized method (ISO 14040, ISO 14044) which allows the measuring of environmental issues due to a chosen product or service.

The outcome is indeed a measure given by a number and a unit of measurement, which is dependent upon data quality, traceability and analysis performed. For example, some of these “measurable” environmental issues are global warming, soil acidification and resource depletion (mineral or fossil).
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