23. 09. 2020


Surface resistance to sanitizing products

In this period of sanitary emergency that we are experiencing because of COVID-19, we must pay particular attention to the cleaning and sanitization of the surfaces with which we come into daily contact both in the home and at work.
In this regard, CATAS has decided to include a new service in its range of tests in order to satisfy the requests that we receive daily from our customers.
The EN 12720 standard, is one of the most known and requested tests in our sector. This method was created to evaluate the effect that many liquid substances can cause in contact with furniture surfaces, where the coating can be a varnish, a laminate or a melamine paper, altering their appearance in color, opacity or even in the surface structure.
Various substances that we commonly use in domestic or work environments such as coffee, water, alcohol and oil are used to carry out the Surface resistance to cold liquids EN 12720 but in this particular period we are required to also focus on surface sanitizing products.
Among the liquids that we have therefore included in this new test protocol, we include in particular those recommended by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità in the ISS COVID-19 Report no. 25/2020 of 15/05/2020"Interim recommendations on the sanitation of non-healthcare facilities in the current COVID-19 emergency: surfaces, indoor environments and clothing".
In the hope that this test will help our customers, we look forward to receiving the samples to start this new working phase.

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