29. 06. 2021


Surfaces and equipment for playground

Last year the revised and updated version of the EN 1176-7 standard was published; it applies to playground equipment, surfaces and ancillary items. This standard is a guide for operators: it assists them in the development of a maintenance and inspection regime to be applied to each playground.

In the definition given by the standard, the inspection is a check to ensure the continuous safe use of a playground. Maintenance, on the other hand, is the intervention that is required to preserve the original conditions of the equipment and impact attenuation surfaces as long as possible.

Competent persons are suitably trained, qualified by knowledge and with practical experience to carry out the required task.
The operator, on the other hand, can be a person or an organization which operates, supervises and is the owner and / or manager of the playground.

The different phases analyzed by this standard are divided as fol- lows:
• Installation
• Inspection
• Maintenance
• Operation (read the full article). 

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