25. 11. 2020


Tests for tables: requirements comparison

The European standards relating to tables are basically of two types: those that describe the test methods and those that define the requirements. While the standard of methods is unique (the EN 1730), the standard that defines the requirements varies according to the intended use of the product, for example:

  • Tables for domestic use: the requirements standard is the EN 12521

  • Tables for non-domestic use: the requirements standard is the EN 15372

  • Tables for outdoor use: the requirements standard is the EN 581

  • Office tables: the requirements standard is the EN 527.
The above standards provide for different loads, cycles and stresses which can be more or less intense by the application of the same test method.
The question most frequently asked by our customers is to compare the stresses the table is subjected to using one requirement rather than another.

We therefore decided to draw up a summary table where you can easily check the values ​​of the stresses foreseen by the various tests. The summary table is available and ready for your use at the following link:

CATAS Table requirements comparison  Click here to download the TABLE OF REQUIREMENTS COMPARISON for tables.

Notes for reading the table.
The left column lists the tests indicated in the EN 1730 method, scrolling to the right you can find the values ​​required by the respective requirement. Blank cells indicate that the test is not applicable as it is not referred to in the relevant requirements standard.The summary table does not cover all the types of tables available on the market and does not report all the cases prescribe in the standards, so for a complete application of the same, please refer to a careful and thorough reading of the documents.

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