25. 11. 2020


The CAM minimum environmental criteria: ask for the CATAS declaration of conformity

The CATAS certificate of conformity to the CAM minimum environmental criteria is ready and fully operational to be issued to complete the results of the analytical and mechanical tests on the components and finished products.

The peculiarity of the Italian CAM standard is to require the evaluation both of the final product and of the single component: this also to allow the manufacturer to identify and select the most sustainable components.

The minimum criteria listed in the ministerial decree provide for many different evaluations, such as: 

  • content / presence of hazardous substances, which include checks on heavy metals, phthalates, SVHCs, etc.
  • formaldehyde emissions from panels and volatile organic compounds
  • contaminants in recycled wood panels
  • residues of chemicals for textile and leather
  • sustainability and legality of wood
  • specifications on recycled plastics  
  • cladding and padding material requirements
  • requirements of the final product
  • disassembly
  • packaging.

The principle underlying the decree is to require that the final product results from the use of the most sustainable materials / components possible and assembled according to the same principles: hence the request to verify each component used.

This implies that the verification of conformity to the CAM of each article results in a considerable amount of test reports.
So in order to help the verification and the document presentation processes for the public tender, CATAS now completes its CAM service with the drafting of an overall attestation of conformity which refers in a single document to all the relevant tests carried out in the laboratories.

Companies interested in verifying their products according to the CAM requirements, do not need to do other than request the attestation of conformity of our Institute, in addition to the usuale test reports.

Discover the CATAS conformity declaration to the CAM criteria.

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