31. 10. 2023


The excimer coatings

In the wide scenario of the coating materials for furniture surfaces, the last significant technological evolution can be considered that of excimers. Although known to operators in the sector, above all for the performance that the surfaces treated in this way can offer, the theoretical principles on which it is based are probably a little more elusive also due to a certain complexity that actually involves this new technology.
However, there is no doubt that a basic knowledge, even if not particularly thorough, is often essential to understand its potential, to deduce its limits but also to deal with any problems that can always arise when using new materials or new technologies.
In these brief notes we would like to briefly consider what excimer coatings precisely are to offer a small contribution of knowledge to those who are already using them or in any case to those who wish to have some more information on the general principles and practical aspects of this technology.

What are excimers?
What are excimer lamps used for?
How are they used in panel coating?
Which are the potential advantages or disadvantages?

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