28. 07. 2023


Formaldehyde: the halving of the E1 limit is official

The 14th of July 2023, with the publication of the Regulation 2023/1464, the EU Commission has adopted new significant measures  to reduce formaldehyde emission from a wide range of products including wood-based panels and furniture.
The new Regulation establishes an emission limit of 0.062 mg/m3 for formaldehyde into indoor air for wood-based articles and furniture and for the interior of road vehicles. It is important to underline that this new limit is exactly the half of the value previously indicated by the World Health Organization (0,124 mg/m3) on which the well-known and established E1 classification is based.

A limit of 0.08 mg/m3 will apply to all other articles such as textile, leather, plastic, construction materials and electronic products.

Producers of articles where formaldehyde is used will have 36 months to comply with the new limits.
During this period, in addition to the necessary set up of raw materials and processes, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), with the support of experts of the sectors involved, will develop appropriate guidance to allow the compliance with the new Regulation by defining the appropriate tests and limits for measuring formaldehyde emissions from the items affected by these new provisions (raw materials and finished products).

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