23. 06. 2017


The new furniture laboratory testing site accredited by ACCREDIA

Due to the big fire and consequent impossibility of carrying out many of the mechanical testing on furniture, according to Accredia (National Laboratory Accreditation Body) rules, many of the furniture standards had been suspended from accreditation and this was given evidence by issuing a new list of accreditation tests/standards. Following implicacies are obvious.

CATAS's objective was therefore to minimize this suspension with the fact that this period cannot be longer than six months, since it is likely to start from scratch with the procedures but getting the new list not before end of the year.

Very short  times, but even shorter considering also the stimulating and vitalizing demand of our customers, eager to start with a historic, important, necessary and urgent relationship between them and us.

During these four months, we left fatigue, Saturdays and Sundays apart, and we have rebuilt an activity equipped with new, better machines, and first of all defining, recording and documenting all the technical aspects that are the fundamental and irreplaceable requirements of  accreditation according to ISO 17025. Work has been incessant and intense, both from internal and supplier fronts, equipment manufacturers, calibration centers etc. At the same time, we continue our relationship and communication with customers by defining together and sometimes without difficulty, delivery dates of the test work and/or forecasts on these.

However on May 18th, we had the audit of Accredia, which was positive, and last week we received the new list of accredited standards where the new lab (now site C: Via Braide Matte 4) has been added with the reintegration of all Standards we had before last December.
See the list of accreditated test of the new site

This achievement (in times unattainable under normal conditions) is a milestone in the process of rebirth. The December 20th dramatic page is now permanently turned, now we are writing the next pages of the book.

The rebuilding of the "core" and "software" of the furniture department is now complete.

Now we are back.

Andrea Giavon
Managing Director