29. 05. 2020


Webinar "Antibacterial surfaces: efficacy tests and evaluation"

Antibacterial and Antimicrobial: these are features reported for many types of components and surfaces, in the furniture and other sectors.
The antibacterial effect for surfaces is normally obtained through special additives or treatments that prevent the proliferation of microbes or bacteria.
How is the activity and the efficacy of these treatments tested?
Let’s talk about it together with our biologists, experts in the studying and evaluating in the lab of the antibacterial coatings and sanitizing treatments applied on various types of surfaces (from furniture, to appliances, to everyday objects, used at home or in the office,…).  
They will explain:
- the methods for the activity and efficacy tests (the ISO 22196 standard and comparison with other methods);
- the data analysis and evaluation of the tests results;
- the provisions of the reference legislative tools (European Biocides Regulation).

Speaker: Dr Elena Conti, Head of CATAS Microbiological Section

Date: Tuesday 23 June 2020 at 2.00 PM CEST.

Language: English.

Participation is free upon on line registration: link

See you on the web!