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Is it correct to talk about the load capacity of a chair?

Is it correct to talk about the load capacity of a chair? Which is the load capacity of a chair?

These are questions we are often asked and we would like to answer them with this article.

What is the definition of “load capacity”?
Let's try to imagine the load capacity of a chair. We could place a very high mass on a chair, this is because a “static” mass would cause less problems than a dynamic load, but this is not what happens when we sit down and therefore considering the load capacity of a chair is not correct.

Let's add a few more details on the subject ....
The technical standards referring to the requirements for seatings are drafted in order to represent the foreseeable and sometimes exceptional (occasional) use of a chair, applying static loads, but considering also the fatigue and impact, simulating as much as possible the real use.
In the cases of chairs for domestic and non-domestic use, within the scope of the related standards of requirements it is highlighted that the loads and cycles are designed for a use of the chair by people weighing up to 110 kg.
However, this does not mean that we will apply a load of 110 kg during testing.
It is important to know that the information on the maximum weight of the user is not been cited in the test reports: the test report in fact contains the information regarding the execution of the test (method, loads, cycles, positioning, ...).

CEN is preparing a new standard (Guidance for modification of test parameters in relation to user weight) that will define how to recalculate test loads for seating designed for use by persons weighing more than 110 kg, up to 180 kg.
We will give you more information about it, as it is published.

To summarize: it is correct to talk about what is the weight of the person for whom the chair is verified, but it is not correct to talk about load bearing capacity. No seating technical standard refers to the this.

it is correct to talk about the user's weight cited by the standard applied in the laboratory to test the performance of a chair, but it is not correct to speak of load capacity. No technical standard for seating refers to the load capacity.

Hoping to have explained this aspect, however we are always available for further clarification.

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