28. 10. 2021


Wood and VOC emissions

When we consider the “sensitive” characteristics of wood, in addition to its visual, noble and familiar aspect, as well as the pleasant tactile sensation it produces when we touch it, we should also properly consider its smell.

The wood scent, which varies a great deal according to the species considered, normally produces pleasant sensations that suggest the unspoiled nature, the trees and the beauty of green landscapes. It can also awaken in us memories linked to the work of the old carpentries, the rooms of ancient buildings, a perfume that is therefore also a profound reference to the culture and history of humanity.
In purely scientific terms, these aromas are evidently the result of the emission of volatile organic compounds that pass from the wood into the air and then reach our nose and consequently the olfactory cells that allow us to perceive their presence.

Knowledge of the volatile substances that are emitted from wood is today a very relevant issue which, beyond the sensory and cultural aspects mentioned above, mainly concerns the quality of the air we breathe (read more ...).

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