Catas Environment Section

Catas Environment Section

In CATAS Environment section we offer companies services and analyzes in the following areas:

Emissions into the atmosphere
Indoor air quality
Water analysis
Responses on waste management

We offer specialized technical support for sampling and analysis of emissions into the atmosphere according to the accredited testing methods sector technical standards. The service also includes: drafting of applications for authorization of atmospheric emissions according to Legislative Decree 152/06 regarding the installation of new plants and the renewal of existing authorizations, initial screening of airborne pollutants generated by the plant of future generation, retrieval of the necessary data, drafting of technical reports and management of relations with the competent bodies.

We offer an instrumental and analytical assessment service of air quality in the workplace and in living environments.
Workplaces: The service is available for companies that need to comply with the legislative prescription of Legislative Decree 81/201 which provides that the employer performs, periodically and in case of changes in the working conditions or materials used, the measurement of the agents to which the worker is exposed and which may present a health risk ti of life
The indoor air quality of buildings is important in allowing occupants of any working and / or living environment to properly carry out their normal activities. There is a wide variety of chemical substances, deriving from sources internal or external to the confined environment, which can represent risk factors for people's health. CATAS carries out analytical studies dedicated to the measurement of air quality in indoor environments, also indicating the possible sources of any pollutants detected.

In addition to the "air" sector, within the CATAS environmental laboratory we are able to perform samplings and a significant number of water analyzes. In fact, we carry out all the analyzes normally required by companies that have authorizations for the discharge of waste water, according to the provisions issued by the competent body.
Moreover, thanks to the presence in CATAS of a microbiological analysis section, we also guarantee the characterization of drinking water, swimming pool water, dialysis water for hospitals, search for legionella in accommodation facilities (hotels, hospitals, rest homes).

We provide procedural assistance, locally, in waste management activities (verification of legislative compliance and development of management procedures) regarding the following activities:

Administrative compliance (loading and unloading registers, transport identification forms, annual MUD and SISTRI waste declaration).
Requirements for distributors and installers of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE), transporters of waste electrical and electronic equipment in the name of distributors, installers and operators of the technical assistance centers for such equipment.
Requirements regarding the Register of battery and accumulator manufacturers.
Fulfillment of the requirements for the transport of hazardous waste on the ADR road.
Requirements for the waste management register.
Drafting of applications for waste management authorization.
Drafting of requests to verify the subjection to the EIA.
Drafting of AUA / AIA environmental authorization requests.
Verification of the subjection to the EIA.
Creation of training seminars at local trade associations and local authorities.
Development of qualitative and quantitative information on waste production.
Support services to administrations in the field of urban waste management.
Support services to administrations that deal with land management and environmental planning.

Procedural assistance for the phases connected to the handling of dangerous goods on the road, packaging, loading, transport and unloading must be carried out in compliance with the ADR.v Agreement