Chairs section

Chairs section

Advanced testing equipment

Thanks to the wide range of equipment dedicated to the test of safety, strength and durability on seatings we are the largest laboratory in Europe, both for experience and test capabilities, in the chair sector. The test apparatus used in this section are designed by CATAS.

Products we test:

  • Domestic and contract chairs. Upholstered furniture 
  • Office chairs
  • Outdoor chairs 
  • Multiple chairs
  • School chairs 
  • Children chairs – High chairs

The tests are carried out according to national, European and international technical standards.


We can carry out assessments of the comfort of a seat or a bed. In addition, we can study the ergonomics of a product, forming ad hoc user panels for qualitative assessments.


Our routine activity includes the drafting and revision of technical standards developed by standardisation committees operating in Italy (UNI), and at European (CEN) and international (ISO) levels.

  • UNI Furniture Commission
  • CEN TC 207 Furniture working groups:
    • WG 1 Requirements for domestic furniture
    • WG 2 Requirements for children’s and nursery furniture
    • WG 3 Office furniture
    • WG 4 Requirements for Outdoor furniture
    • WG 5 Requirements for non domestic furniture
    • WG 6 Requirements for educational furniture
    • WG 9 Test methods
  • ISO TC 136 Furniture WG 1 Chairs – Test methods