Chemical department

Chemical department

The CHEMICALDepartment carries out analysis for the assessment of the chemical composition of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products. The purpose of the analysis is very often to evaluate the safety of materials (formaldehyde emission, harmful substances content, emissions of volatile organic compounds, etc.), or to investigate their composition in order to determine in advance what will be their behaviour in use and to predict some possible defects.
In the biology section we deal with the identification of wood species and with the assessment of their natural biological durability. Other activities include the recognition of any biological aggression suffered by wood and testing the effectiveness of the preservatives used for its protection during the outdoors exposure.
Our biologists also test antibacterial coatings and verify that the sanitizing treatments carried out on various types of surfaces, such as household appliances, fulfil specific requirements.
All our tests are carried out according to national, European and international technical standards. 

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Chemical Analysis:

  • Formaldehyde emission and volatile organic compounds in materials and components 
  • Investigation about the chemical nature of resins, plastics, coatings and adhesives 
  • Analysis of solvents, thinners, plasticisers, monomers
  • Viscosity measurements, solid and ash content of paints and adhesives
  • Thermal analysis of resins and plastic materials 
  • Content and migration of metals from paints and covering materials

Biological analysis:

  • Identification of wood species 
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of wood preservatives 
  • Assessment of antibacterial effect of sanitizing treatments on surfaces