Mechanical test department

Mechanical test department


In the Mechanical Department of CATAS we perform tests aimed at determining the mechanical behavior of materials and components. We have a deep knowledge about the characteristics of different types of wood, wood-based panels and materials used in related processes (eg adhesives), but our experience also extends to other materials such as plastics or composites (eg WPC).

All tests are performed in accordance with European and international technical standards and in this department we are also able to set up ad-hoc test methods to test specific products and semi-finished products made even with the combination of different materials.

The department is provided with advanced equipment. More traditional testing machines (dynamometers) are placed side by side to less conventional equipment:

  • dynamometer integrated with video-extensometer and climate chamber to characterize the materials at low (up to - 70°C) and high temperatures (up to + 350°C); 
  • equipment for measuring the thermal conductivity of the materials; 
  • measurement device for the density profile of panels; 
  • measurement device for the coefficient of friction of floors.

Experience and specialization: the standardization activities. 

Our strength lies in people: CATAS technicians participate to the most relevant national and international working groups, contributing to the continuous development of standardization.

Nationally (UNI) and at European level (CEN), the technicians of this department are part of the following technical committees and their working groups:

  • UNI Wood Commission – Working Group “Non Structural Wood” and SubCommission “Panels”
  • UNICHIM Commission “Adhesives for Wood”
  • CEN TC 175 “Non structural wood” – Working Group 32 “Timber in joinery”
  • CEN TC 193 “Adhesives” – SubCommission SC1/WG12 “Adhesives for non-loadbearing timber structures”

Tested materials and products:

  • Wood
  • Particleboards 
  • Fibreboards 
  • Plywood 
  • Composite materials
  • Glulam beams 
  • Solid Wood panels 
  • Adhesives & Bondings 
  • Plastics and rubbers 
  • Adhesive and bi-adhesive Tapes 
  • Textiles and leather 
  • Glass
  • Paper and paperboards 
  • Hardware, Components and Accessories
  • Floors
  • Ladders

Our lab technicians are available to further studies or to requirements relating to tests of types of materials and products also different than those presented here.