Surfaces section

Surfaces section

Tests for finishing and surfaces quality evaluation. 

In the Surfaces section we measure the performance of furniture surfaces, simulating what can happen during their normal use in consequence, for example, of an accidental impact or as a result of simple daily actions, like the cleaning, the contact with hot objects, the exposure to severe climatic conditions such as transports or use in special or hard environments. We provide useful information about the ability of products to maintain their technical quality in the short and long period.

Our technicians are highly specialized in accelerated aging, which we perform with different devices that reproduce very severe climatic conditions in terms of temperature, humidity and solar radiation.

Our competences refer in particular to the assessment and analysis of the effects produced by those treatments.


Our routine activity includes the drafting and revision of technical standards developed by standardisation committees operating in Italy (UNI), and at European (CEN) and international (ISO) levels. 

  • UNI Commissione mista Legno/Mobili Gruppo di lavoro “Finiture”
  • UNICHIM Gruppo Operativo Vernici per Legno 
  • CEN TC 207 Furniture WG 7 Requirements and test methods for furniture surfaces
  • CEN TC 249 Plastics WG4 Decorative laminated sheets based on thermosetting resins
  • CEN TC 139 Paints and Varnishes WG 2 Coatings for Exterior Wood


The products we can test:

  • Furniture surfaces
  • Surfaces for outdoor use
  • Kitchen sinks
  • High Pressure laminates
  • Melamine faced boards for interior use
  • Kitchen furniture – AMK methods
  • Bathtubs and shower bases 
  • Floorings


Test are carried out in accordance with the national and international standards but we can also set up ad hoc procedures in order to simulate or reproduce specific effects, climatic conditions or a sequence of different stresses.

Every day we improve the type of products we can test thanks to the continuous collaboration with the companies which are our clients.

Our lab technicians are available to further explanations or requests about tests on different types of products.